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Can you be healthy and still eat African/Caribbean foods?

Can you be healthy and still eat African/Caribbean foods? There are a lot of misconceptions from African and Caribbean’s about our traditional foods not being healthy or whether if we can still be healthy and eat these foods. I’m here to debunk this myth! First of all, you can still be healthy eating traditional African/Caribbean foods; just as long as is it not everyday. Anything in too much consumption is never good for you! As an African myself I can vouch for Nigerian foods being healthy. A lot of Nigerian dishes use a lot of fresh ingredients. It’s also all about how you make these foods and how often you eat them.  For example lets take Jollof rice; jollof rice...

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Finding the right active wear

Blog Post by: Morayo Abiola  Instagram:   I think it's so important to work out in comfy, cute and supportive pieces. It has taken me a while to know which brands produce the best quality clothes at reasonable prices, so I thought I'd write a post about my favourite sportswear brands and reasons why I love them so much to help anyone looking for some new gym wear.   DAMIHOW If you follow me on instagram, I'm sure you would have seen me raving about this brand but it is honestly my fave. Very affordable, the designs are unique and the sets are super flattering. My fav item is the zip up biker shorts - only £18. For anyone looking...

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