Staying Active Without The Gym

Staying Active Without The Gym

As we do not have access to gyms with all its space and equipment, we must improvise, therefore there are no excuses for you not to keep in shape. You can turn your balcony, garden and even living room into your own fitness studio. Thanks to the internet it is now super easy to follow workouts online, from YouTube, Facebook and even from your favourite fitness influencers on Instagram.

Keeping active is not only beneficial physically, but it is incredibly important for keeping a healthy mental state. Getting up and getting outside in the fresh air, eating healthy and exercising will help until the lockdown is lifted. Here are some great ways and home workout tips you can use at home to make the most out of your workouts.

Training with someone in your household as it is a good way to stay motivated. Together, you can use accessories such as a backpack filled with cans and water bottles are a great alternative to dumbbells and kettlebells. There are plenty of options and time, all you need to do is dedicate a minimum of half hour a day to your wellbeing.

Before starting your workout, you should get the blood flowing by doing some light cardio such as skipping, jumping jacks or a light jog. This is very important as many of us are sitting around all day, light cardio will help with increasing our body temperature and blood flow to the working muscles my decreasing blood viscosity.

Another top tip to consider when training at home are to incorporate 3-5 full body workouts per week, with one to two exercises per body part depending on which one you want to focus on the most. Ideally, three to four sets should be performed per exercise, however, this is dependent upon the volume of training and lastly, you need to train close to failure. For example, instead of setting a set rep count, try and do the set close to failure leaving around 2-3 reps in the tank for the next set.

To further increase the intensity of home workouts, reducing the rest period between sets is one way to do so, however, this is dependent upon your goals. If your focus is strength training and you are lucky enough to have heavy weights and squat racks, then a longer rest period will be needed.
Adding supersets and tri-sets are another great way to increase the intensity of the workout as well as a good way of hitting different muscle groups at once.

It is amazing to see that a lot of people are taking their health much more seriously and recognising the benefits of keeping active and healthy. Home workouts can and will help you achieve whatever long term goals you have put in place for yourself as long as you keep consistent and disciplined.

For more tips of keeping active at home checkout Christabelle Jacques:

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