Lacking motivation?

Lacking motivation?
Blog Post by: Morayo Abiola 


By far, one of my most frequently asked questions is how do I stay motivated to train and eat clean all the time? To be honest, I don't, not always! There are some times when I really cannot be bothered to work out and just want to stay indoors and indulge. It's totally normal, you can't expect to be motivated alllllll the time.

There are a few things that I did at the start of my journey and still do to keep me consistently in the gym and hitting my goals.

1. Write down your goals - long and short term!

Writing down your goals/creating a vision board has really helped me get to my ideal physique. I've always found it useful to have something to refer to when I feel demotivated or fall of track. Creating attainable long term and short term goals has made my fitness journey exciting as I feel a sense of achievement when I hit those goals.

2. Add variety to your workouts 

Introduce new exercises into your workout routine to keep exercising fun and exciting - try new classes, or different forms of exercises i.e. swimming, running, tennis. Doing the same thing can make the process boring and tedious and you are more likely to quit. Changing your workouts is also really important to keep your gains rolling in because once your body becomes used to how you workout it is very likely that your progress will slow down. Also consider training with different people, it is a lot of fun and you might learn a new thing or two.

3. Track your progress!

Weigh yourself, take pictures, keep note of how you feel but make sure that you're tracking your progress somehow, or how else will you know whether your body is changing? We can sometimes be super hard on ourselves and think that our progress is stagnant but the scales/pictures do not lie. Hopefully, this will keep you motivated and pushing towards your goals.


4. Avoid comparison

Comparison is the thief of joy! Cliché but true. Your journey is personal to you so avoid looking at others, unless they're a source of positive inspiration. Stay focused and enjoy the process and your dream bod will come in no time, trust me!! The second I started focusing on myself and doing what I enjoy at the gym, I was snatched in no time.

5. Get some new workout clothes

I don't know about you, but when I look good, I feel good too. Because of this, I keep my active wear wardrobe looking super cute. Whenever I wear a nice gym outfit, I'm always ready to have a good workout. For affordable and comfy activewear, check out @damihow - and use my discount code MORAYO15 to get 15% off your basket.

Leave a comment below and let us know of other ways to keep motivated :) 

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