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Valerie the Plant Based Guru

Valerie tells us about her transition to becoming Plant Based. "I’ve been plant based for 2 years now. Since cutting the meats out, I experience less bloating, my skin, health/eczema has improved and it’s made me very aware of what food is. I believe that food is information that we give to our bodies - if we give it natural, unprocessed, nutrient dense food it will respond well. I want that for my body. Within fitness there’s also a misconception that being plant based is both limiting and isn’t ‘enough’. I’ve managed to lose weight and sit at 49kg with lean muscle and gain weight and be 56kg - all on a plant based diet. With being meat free as long as my food is varied and I ensure I’m getting both my macro-nutrients (Carbs, protein and fats) and micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) anything is possible with my lifestyle choice."

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